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Life is a cruel, twisted joke.
Kane Kage knows this all too well. Raised by a single, workaholic father, Kage knew neglect at a very young age. But despite this, he still grew up idolizing him. Tragically everything changes when his father, the one clean lawyer in town, chooses to represent a known criminal. Feeling betrayed, Kage descends down a path of rebellion and destruction. It is after his father's noble end that Kage once again sets himself on the right path. Driven by guilt and rage, he seeks the means to execute justice, finally receiving it after his own death, when he returns from hell. Get ready for a story of rage, redemption, and revenge, as Kane battles not just his own demons, but those that walk the earth, seeking to inflict ruin upon mankind.
Kane Kage
Julie Oliver
Marcella Marcos

Death of Darkness

Seku Namori, a high school student, returns home to find an assassin waiting in his room. After dying at the assassin’s hands, he awakens to find that he is not only okay, but without injury. He discovers he is what many refer to as an abomination, the result of the unholy union between Angel and Demon. To make life more difficult, because of his potential power to upset the balance he will be forever hunted by agents from both sides. There is no other choice. Seku must go on the run.


Seku Namori
Yuri Nagami
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