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Creator Spotlight - Harland Buck: Freesword

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review. Apologies. But don’t worry. Today’s review is a special treat. I’ve decided to give you my thoughts on an independent comic that I had the pleasure of purchasing on Saturday at Colossus Con in Pleasanton. That book is Harland Buck: Freesword (2016 - Present).

At Colossus Con I met writer Scott Weldon and his wife Dejon. Both were cool as hell and together we shared some of our personal experiences as indie creators. The biggest surprise was discovering that I was already Facebook friends with their artist Dino Agor. Small world. Immediately after bonding we decided to do something crazy. We purchased each other’s books. Weird right? Creators supporting other creators. Who does that?

Harland Buck: Freesword, written by Scott Weldon and illustrated by Dino Agor, details the adventures of Harland, a sword for hire, as he navigates the Emeraein Frontier. In the first two chapters we follow Harland and Kendall Obassa, a Realmguard, as they struggle to survive against the elements in treacherous terrain. The book is a visual treat. Dino's art is crisp, with an easy to follow panel layout. Story is solid as well. Scott's pacing is superb and he does a great job of crafting obstacles and creating tension. You really don’t know if the characters will survive their situation. Which is great. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and look forward to more stories from this creative team!

For more information check em' out at

Issues 1 and 2

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