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A New Tale for Tales

Fracture Comics Blog Post – Tales of Berseria

Hello! My name is Chris, and I’m a writer for Fracture Comics! Now, besides manga, anime, American comics, and movies, we at Fracture Comics also love video games!

Now, I’ve played more video games then I can remember of all genres and types, but my favorites have always been Fighting Games and JRPGS! My favorite series of all times is the Tales series.

Now, you all should know, that I became a Tales fan back in 2006, when the first Tales game I ever played was Tales of the Abyss. I had no idea what Tales was, and simply wanted to buy a game that looked interested and had a fun battle system. I had no idea that the game would literally change my life.

You see, a multiplayer rpg was unheard of to me and being an only child, you would expect for me to be completely satisfied with playing games alone right? Well, you’d be wrong. The only thing I ever wanted to do was be able to enjoy the games I care about with the friends I care about even more, so when I discovered Tales to be a multiplayer game, I was blown away.

Four people. That was how many people started Tales of the Abyss. It was my first year at college and a lot of us were just starting to make friends. Through some interesting events, myself and 3 others decided to join forces in tackling this new game. Soon after, two more of our friends joined the party…get the pun?

We had six people playing the game, and just so happened to have six total members of the party. Six friends, completely content with battling together while one person ran point, and laughing, and crying when we were destroyed by Reid in coliseum or Nebilem with her time stop. We shared laughs, rages, and a few arguments but we beat that game together, with all six of us in the room. When people weren’t in the party, we did homework. When people weren’t fighting because story was occurring, we watched with interest.

Since then, I have had the fortune of never playing a Tales title alone, always with at least four people, going on to play Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia, Zestiria, and now finally, Berseria. The way my friends and I play is by finding a character we love and having that character become us. Ironically, in every title, somehow we happen to latch on to a character with characteristics not unlike ourselves. Call it luck, or just an inner ability to find what we like, my friends and I are always happy with are picks…sometimes surprisingly so!

For this game, I decided to do something different. I decided I want to document my progression with my friends through this title we love so much. This way, my friends no longer near me can still enjoy a piece of something that brought us together in college, and played into us remaining friends afterwards. I will document our ups, our downs, our failures, and our successes as a group.

The four people playing the game are myself, my cousin Shell, and my friends Ray and Mayra. Two guys, two girls, one family. As we unlock characters, I will update who is playing as whom and we will be playing this game as our collective lives permit with the eventuality that we will beat this game together.

On the first day, I have started as Velvet and am loving her character so far! We were only able to reach the prison tonight where we briefly ran into Magilou before she disappeared, leaving Velvet and the masked Seres to continue their escape from the island. We saved before going any further and plan to continue tomorrow night.

This will be my chronicling our adventure. This will be a joint tale. A Tale of Berseria and our tale of playing it! It’s going to be a blast!

3:24am 01/25/2017 Game started 01/24/2017

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