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Fracture Comics-Seku Namori
A.R.K #1 Available on
Amazon Kindle
Death of Darkness Chapters 1-4
Available on Amazon Kindle
Hellfire Vol:1 Genesis
Available on Comixology
October 19th
Hellfire Vol:1 Genesis TPB available on amazon kindle
September 9th
Hellfire available on comiXology
You can now purchase Hellfire digitally. Get it here:


July 11th DoD available for Kindle/ Mobile on Amazon

Itching to grab a copy of Death of Darkness but don't live in the SF/Bay Area.  No problem.  All you need is a Kindle or mobile device with the kindle app to read the first chapter of Death of Darkness.  Find it here:

Dates to Watch

Death of Darkness





Fracture Comics-Kane Kage
May 1st Hellfire & DoD for sale at
Stand Up Comics

If you want to grab your very own copy of Hellfire or Death of Darkness but don't want to go into San Francisco, stop by Stand Up Comics at 10020 San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito, CA.

Apr 27 Hellfire Available at
Comix Experience

Interested in purchasing a physical copy of Hellfire?  Well it is now on sale at comix Experience in San Francisco.  Come check it out at 305 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117.

Apr 19 Fracture Comics Finishes Up

Fracture Comics wraps up a very successful showing.  Thank you so much to every one that came out to support us.  Stay tuned because there is more to come.  Til next time!

Apr 18 Fracture Comics Premieres

For the first time ever, Fracture Comics sells in print their titles Hellfire and Death of Darkness.  Friends, family, and a few new fans stop by to purchase their own copies.

Mar 31 Big Wow Table Confirmation

Fracture Comics will be at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose April 18th and 19th with our own table!  Come check us out at table AA626!  We will be debuting Hellfire and Death of Darkness for the first time ever!  Get pumped!

Oct 4-5 Attended A.P.E.

Saw old friends, made new ones, and supported a few new indie comics now on our radar.

May 17 Continued Our time at Big Wow

Spent the day going broke on comics like Hack/Slash, Blue Marvel, Daredevil, and Think Tank.  The rest of the day was spent taking pictures with friends and speaking with awesome Damion Portier.

May 16 Attended Big Wow Comic Fest

Went to San Jose and saw some old friends of the comic world.  Perused the show floor while speaking to the creators of indie comics like Billy the Pyro, Oh Hell, Taking Eden, Boston Metaphysical Society, and Rem: 8, to name a few.

February 16 Attended East Bay Comic Con

A small local convention with both independents and veterans. We had the priveledge of attending a panel honoring the great Jack Kirby, and were able to support independent artist Adrian "Age" Scott.

February 15 Saw James O' Barr

A special free screening of The Crow complete with a Q&A featuring the legendary James O' Barr.

October 12-13 Went to A.P.E

Networked with fellow up and coming artists and participated in the Comic Creator Connection.

January 9 Attended Image Expo

Got to see upcoming projects from some of the industries most prolific creators, most notably Kelly Sue DeConnick and Rick Remender.






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